Orthodontic treatment is possible at every age, provided that the condition of the teeth allows it.

Additionally, the treatment process depends on a number of other factors, such as dental defect intensity, condition of periodontium, general disorders or genetic predispositions.

On the other hand, treatment time and objectives as well as braces that we apply depend on the age.

<i>treatment of</i> adults

Aesthetic benefits of the orthodontic treatment are not only evident in the improvement of the appearance of the teeth, but also in the change in the profile and appearance of gums. But most of all, these benefits are displayed best in a bright and beautiful smile.

Solutions we apply in adults should be as discrete and aesthetic as possible, but above all, highly comfortable so as not to disturb everyday life.

On top of that, obviously, nothing makes the face look younger than a bright smile.

“A smile is the best remedy for the body and the mind.”
(George Sand)