invisalign ALIGNERS

A radiant smile plus straight and healthy teeth – this is our calling card. Untreated malocclusions not only cause problems with chewing or speaking, but they also prompt mental discomfort or lack of self-confidence, which can have effect on interpersonal relations. The Invisalign aligners make a perfect solution for persons who associate dental treatment only with unsightly and conspicuous metal braces.

Thanks to these transparent aligners patients do not have to worry about the way their teeth look like during the treatment. The aligners are made of flexible and durable material that allows maintaining the appropriate level of forces acting on the teeth throughout the period of use. The aligners also make a perfect solution for persons allergic to nickel. This type of braces allows correcting malocclusions in a discreet and efficient manner, while at the same time adhering to top medical standards.

The Invisalign method enables us to treat malocclusions at any age, from baby teeth to permanent teeth even in old age. Owing to such advantages as minimisation of forces acting on the teeth or the possibility of maintaining good oral hygiene, this type of braces will be ideal for children and adolescents, but also for the elderly who require a very sensibly planned distribution of forces during treatment.

The Invisalign treatment method consists in applying the most advanced technologies in the field of modern orthodontics. Based on the intraoral scan 3D digital models that represent subsequent stages of dental correction are created. Next, models are printed, and accurate bespoke aligners are pressed. Carefully manufactured aligners for upper and lower dental arches gradually push the teeth to the appropriate position. The Invisalign braces also allow more rapid correction of malocclusions compared to traditional permanent braces, since there is no need to apply an appropriate arch sequence as with conventional treatment.
The aligner action is based on exerting systematic, controlled pressure within a timeframe determined by an orthodontist. What facilitates the aligners’ work is the attachments: composite protrusions that are affixed to a patient’s tooth enamel for the duration of the treatment. The attachments increase aligners’ retention and allow performing more complicated tooth movements, such as intrusion, extrusion, or controlled movement of tooth roots. Sequential teeth moving takes place in many stages and each set of aligners should be worn 22 hours a day and replaced every 7-14 days. The treatment plan is tailored to a given patient’s malocclusion. The orthodontist determines the number of aligners and their replacement frequency throughout the therapy. Check-ups take place every 2-3 months. The Invisalign treatment is suitable for children and adults, both with minor and advanced dental irregularities.
  • precise action
  • faster treatment results
  • visually aesthetic braces
  • minimised discomfort arising from the presence of foreign objects in the mouth
  • etter and easier hygiene
  • possibility of pre-treatment visualisation
  • less frequent check-ups

invisalign ALIGNERS

Precise action and rapid treatment results are the most important benefits of the Invisalign braces. Maintaining oral hygiene does not pose any problems. What is also an indisputable advantage of the Invisalign braces is the fact that a patient can singlehandedly replace the aligners, therefore check-ups take place every 2 months. Using the Invisalign braces also enables the patient to play wind instruments or performing contact sports.
Ortodoncja Becker is the first certified Invisalign treatment centre in Poland – we have 6 years’ experience in applying this treatment method.
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