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Types of braces

Invisalign braces

23 January 2015 11:15

Invisalign braces are invisible orthodontic braces developed by Align Technology in cooperation with outstanding orthodontists in 1997. Using the Invisalign method, teeth are being straightened through several sets of aligners adjusted to a particular patient. Invisalign aligners are comfortable, transparent and easy to remove. Invisalign braces • They are comfortable and almost invisible. • They […]

Permanent braces

19 December 2013 13:45

Permanent braces are bonded onto teeth for the entire period of the orthodontic treatment. Depending on the type of material used to manufacture orthodontic locks, there are metal, porcelain, composite or single crystal braces. Depending on the structure of the braces, there are traditional braces which require using elastics or ligatures, or self-ligating braces.   […]

Lingual braces

19 November 2013 13:46

Lingual braces are braces bonded on the teeth on the inside. The structure has been improved for many years and it does not interfere with eating or speaking. They are slightly more expensive.   3M Incognito Permanent braces – the most aesthetic version of orthodontic braces; gold locks are bonded to teeth on the inside. They […]



Microimplants are mini-screws with a diameter of approx. 1.5 – 2.0 mm, which are used in orthodontics in order to obtain absolute anchorage. What does it mean? It means that we move only the teeth that we want to move and to the position we want them to be in. Therefore we overcome Newton’s third […]

Removable braces


Removable braces are braces which can be removed by patients themselves. There are one-arch and two-arch (for both arches simultaneously) braces. Cooperation and discipline of patients constitute a deciding factor regarding the success of this treatment method.   Upper removable braces – a Schwarz plate with a screw used to expand the jaw and appropriately […]

Extra-oral devices

17 November 2013 13:45

Extra-oral devices. In some cases maxillofacial-orthopedic treatment requires the application of an extra-oral device, such as Headger or a face mask. These devices help to control mandible growth, which improves not only the location of teeth, but also looks. These solutions are applied in children.